Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Earn Money From PTC Site

  PTC means Paid-to-click, where sites pay you to visit sites for a period of time (usually 10 to 30 seconds). It is the most simplest way to earn money using internet. The person who wants to earn money easily using internet, PTC is best option for him. PTC site can not make you reach but it can help you to earn some extra cash.  

The popularity of PTC site is increasing day by day. They are all completely free to join, and require no skill to make money. Even no previous experience is required for PTC earning. It is an online earning scheme without any investment also. 

You don't need to have your own website, you don't have to pay for website hosting or anything else. All you have to do is sign up for free account at PTC websites and click on the advertisements. You don’t have to watch them, just click and do something else. 

There are lots of websites all around the world. People like these sites a lot because of it’s simplicity and it’s so easy to join and earn. You will get 4 to 10 ad a day for click. The cost of per viewing advertisement is usually $.001 to $.02 per ad.

PTC site accept one account for per IP. So you don’t have any option to open multiple accounts in one site. 

From a PTC site you can earn money by two ways.
1.   Money from your direct Clicks,
2.   Money from your Referrals clicks.
Referral means the person who sign up the site using your referral link or the person whom you refer to the site. Referral system is more profitable, But sometimes you will need to invest Money and Times. 

If you want to make a lot of money using PTC sites you must need to gain Referrals. The more referrals you have, the more money you will make when they click on ads. PTC sites also allow you to buy or rent people who have joined the site without referring any person. You can also refer people using your referral link. Please read the FAQ option of any PTC site before you want to join.

 In internet you will get lots of PTC sites. Most of them are Scam. Scam means they will not pay you money. So it is very difficult to choose the right PTC who really pay. Here I have listed some Real PTC site. They really pay. You can join these sites without any hesitation.

Although PTC sites are easy to earn, But if you want to get much money, then it is not the best option. There is a technique, suppose you joined 10 site and click them at a time, then it will save your time and you will get much money. So it is the right way to work more sites at a time. Thus you can work many PTC sites together. 

1. Try to use a completely different email for your PTC work. If you have a mail account, don’t use that. Create a new E-mail account. It will be wise for you if you make new email account rather using your previous email account. 

2. All PTC need a payment processor for you to get your money. Register for a payment processor. The most popular and common processor is either create a Paypal account or an Alertpay account. If your country accept Paypal then use paypal. Otherwise you can use Alertpay. If the PTC site have a different payment processor just follow its instruction for receiving your money.

3. Go to a PTC site and sign up for your account. Before creating your account try to read the terms and conditions of that site. If you are facing any problem read the FAQ(Frequently asked question) part of that site for solving your problem. 

4. Log in to your account and then click on View ads. Here you will see some ads. Click all ads one by one. There is always a timer when viewing an ad. Generally 30 seconds, sometimes it can be less. You should click another ad after finishing the timer. Don’t click 2 ads at a time. Remember you should click another ad after finishing the timer. 

5. Return tomorrow and follow step 4 until all ads are finishing. Do it everyday for your earning.

Good PTC sites:

    1.   Neobux 
2. Phd-bux
3. Iconbux  
4. Ptcbox
5. Zeusbux  
6. Clixsense
7. Clicksia

How to get much Referral:

You can increase your income gaining referrals. So try to make as much referral as you can. Take your referral link from your account and save it for further use. You can invite your friend to sign up this site using your referral. There are different kinds of forum. You can paste your referral link in forums. If you have any website or blogsite paste it to your site. You can use social networking site like facebook, twitter, linkedIn, google+ etc. Paste your referral link everywhere to gain much referral. Thus you can get much referral earnings.

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