Friday, 31 August 2012

Kontera Another Google Adsense Alternative (Kontera Review)

 In my previous post I have discussed about Infolinks. Now I will talk about another text link advertising program which name is Kontera. Kontera advertising program is similar to Infolinks. They have started their business before Adbrite and Infolinks and still they are running their business properly.

 Kontera ads are placed based on the content of the site. So the ads will be contextually relevant. Normally kontera ads appear with a double underline link. When a visitor moves the cursor towards the text link, a small window opens giving a preview of the ad. Kontera also offers contextually relevant image and video ads. 

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Infolinks Alternative To Google Adsense (Infolinks Review)

 Google Adsense is a popular pay per click advertising program that helps website owners to earn some extra money by applying Adsense ads to their website. But Google is very strict to his law. If Google deny us then we should think about Adsense alternatives. There are some good advertising programs over internet. Infolinks is one of them. Today I will discuss about the good and bad of Infolinks. 

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Earn Money From Your Own Website

 To become a webmaster first you need a website. Why you make a website? To lots of people websites are the main source of income. A website can fulfill your dream. It is possible to lead your life as a webmaster or a blogger. In my blog I have discussed about different ways of online earning. Today I will talk about how to earn money from your own blog and website.

Here I have discussed the top three ways of income from a website.