Monday, 12 December 2011

Earn Money Easily Doing Micro Work

In Internet there are some ways to earn money without depositing a single penny. Micro work is one of them. It is becoming more popular day by day. Micro work sites make an indirect connection between Employers and Employee. This method is very profitable to them. Employers get his money doing simple work, and employees get much satisfaction with investing less money. 

Workers will get money by completing simple tasks which takes some minutes. Normally it takes 1 to 15 minutes. They will pay varied amount of money depending on the job. The amount is depending between 10 cents to 3 dollar. Sometimes there can be appearing work with nice payment. When a worker completes a job they will submit their proof to the employee, after approving, the money will be instantly transferred to the workers account. This takes maximum 7 days for approval. 

Doing Micro Work is another way to earn extra cash. It is a very simple work. Anyone can do this if he or she has computer and Internet. Micro work becoming more popular because of their availability to anyone with internet connection and a little bit web knowledge. But it is still micro. There are some sites around that offer micro job.But all of them are not real or good. Here I will discuss about some good Micro work site.


Go to the micro work site and sign up. Then visit available jobs from the site menu. Here you will find different kinds of work. First you should select the job that you want to do. Then browse the job and read the instruction carefully provided by the employee. If you understand the job then do it and put your proof in the box. Try to do the simple work like sign up, Comment on other blog, Bookmark a page etc. at first time. You can do any kind of task if you are capable. You should maintain 70% success rate of your work. Otherwise you will be unable to do work for 7 days. 

Types of Work:

Most of the micro sites provide same types of work. Here I have discussed about them…

Click and Search ($0.10 - $0.15): In this work client will give a link where a worker should visit and search some definite word. At last worker should click some add as direction by client.

Bookmark a page ($0.10 - $0.20): For this work a worker should bookmark a website in Bookmarking site. Some Bookmark site is, and Client will tell where you should Bookmark. For Bookmark you must have an account in that bookmarking site.

Signup ($0.10 - $0.20): You will tell to sign up in a website. For sign up you must provide your email address.  Don’t use your personal email address for signing up. Create a new email ID only for this work.

Comment on other blog ($0.10 - $0.15): You should go to the client’s website and post some comment about client’s website.

Forums ($0.10 - $0.15): For this work you should register in a forum and use client’s website as your signature.

Facebook ($0.15 - $0.20): For this job you should make your client as a friend or become his fan or write something in your wall.

Twitter ($0.15 - $0.20): For this you should follow the client in Twitter.

Write an article ($0.50 - $1.75): All micro work site pay highest price for writing article. But your article should be Unique. You can check it from website.

Blog/Website Owners ($0.25 - $0.80): Sometimes you should write an article in your website or Blog and post a link. Most often they certify that your site must have PR2+,PR3+,PR4+ etc. PR means Page Rank. You can check your site or Blog’s PR from website.

Download/Install ($0.25 - 0.35): Most often client will tell you to download a software and install it in your Computer.

Micro Work Site:

Here I have provided some good Micro site. You can work in these sites. These sites are real. They really pay.
  1. Microworkers
  2. Minuteworkers
  3. Rapidworkers  

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