Monday, 10 September 2012

How to Use Facebook for Free Marketing

 Facebook is a great social networking site. It would be very difficult to find a person who has no Facebook account. Not only the students and teenagers are using Facebook but also adults, professionals and people around the world are engaged in Facebook. More than 900 million people use Facebook and surely soon it will cross 1 billion mark. From this we can easily realize the popularity of Facebook. Facebook is a great place where we can promote our self and our company as well as our services or products. 

Friday, 7 September 2012

Clicksor Another Google Adsense Alternative (Clicksor Review)

 In my continuous process today I will discuss about another Adsense alternative which name is Clicksor. Here’s the good and bad of Clicksor:

 Clicksor is a Contextual Advertising and Remarketing Network that delivers both amazing results for its advertisers and highly profitable revenue stream for its publishers. They have started their business from 2004 and still they are exists in the advertising field. Clicksor works with a goal “To create simplicity from complexity by delivering innovative solutions that will serve the demands of today while anticipating and fulfilling the needs of tomorrow”. Clicksor centralizes the advertisers who wish to promote products or services online and the publishers who are eager to generate revenue.