Monday, 2 April 2012

Best 5 Websites for Freelance Work

  There are so many freelancing sites all over the internet. But all of them are not so good for all. Here I will discuss about some freelance market place. In my experience, I can say that these five market places are best. Here I will shortly discuss about them. 

Odesk: Odesk is the most popular market place for online freelancing. It’s a huge market. Lots of types of work are available there. There are two types of work “Contract based” and “Hourly based”. Online test system is a good system of Odesk. Anyone can improve his skills by attending those tests. Team management system is also a good system of Odesk. Workers can make a team for their works. Escrow system is available here.

Elance: Elance is one of the most effective market place of freelancing. Its office in California and it’s continuing its business since 1999. More than 1350000 members are registered on Elance. New projects are included every day. Contract based and hourly based both types of work are also available here. Escrow system is available here. You can get better money doing work here.
VWorker: Vworker(Rent A Coder) is a familiar market place in freelance world. They have started their journey in 2001 with a name RentACoder. From June 2010 they have changed their name and the name is VWorker that means Virtual Worker. They have more than 350000 members and it is increasing day by day. Escrow system is also available here. Lots of projects are included every day. 

Freelancer: More than 3311000 users are registered here. This site is really a great place for new freelancers who are seeking jobs. Almost all kinds of categories are here. So you can easily find your desired job here. A registered Free member can do 15 bids a month. You can increase your bids by upgrading your account. You should pay some money to upgrade your account. 

Scriptlance: In Scriptlance there have no limitations to bids on works if you are capable for that work. More than 7800 active freelancers are working there. This site is great for all kinds of projects. The customer support is also great and the forum really helps bring everything together. The site is really easy to use and this is a perfect place for the beginners. Escrow system is available here. 

Hopefully this will help you. Have a nice journey on freelancing world. Thanks for reading my blog. 

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