Monday, 26 March 2012

What Should Not Do To Adsense

  In my previous post I have discussed about how to increase your Adsense income. I have seen many people do a wrong way to increase their Adsense income. In my post today I will discuss about what should not do to Adsense. Follow that rules if you don’t want to ban from Adsense. 

Don’t Cheat: Firstly, I want to say that don’t do any cheat with Google. Google always use most advanced technology that we cannot imagine. So if we do any kind of cheating they can easily catch us. We should be honest to work with Google. Otherwise they will delete our account. 

Don’t Clicks on Your Ads: It’s very bad to clicks on your own ad. No doubt, Adsense will permanently delete your account if you click on your ad. Many people use proxy and change IP to click their ads. I can assure that you cannot hide it from Google. You can pass anywhere by changing your track but you cannot pass with Google. Always remember Google is the No. 1 cyber boss of internet. 

Don’t Beg to Clicks Your Ads: Don’t encourage people to clicks on your ad. I have seen many people exchange their click. Suppose x person clicks on y’s ads, and y person clicks on x’s ads. Google is not a Goat. They will easily catch you. Many people post his link in some forums and beg to clicks his ads. Don’t do that. If Google found that they will ban your account.

Don’t Change the Code: Don’t do any kind of change or modification of the Adsense code. They will strictly prohibit this. You should copy the code and paste it into your webpage. If you want to change the color or size then generate new code from Adsense, but don’t modify the code by your own. 

Don’t Use any Program for Clicks: Never use any kind of robots or programs that will click your ads automatically. Even never use anything that will increase your impression. Google has advanced technology to catch fraud clicks. Your clicks should come naturally. 

Don’t Tell How Much You Earn Per Click: Never publish how much you earn from a click. Google always dislike it. They don’t want to say any particular price for any specific keywords. 

Avoid any kind of cheating with Google. Always be honest to your side. How much time have you passed to do cheating, implement that time to increase your quality content. Income will increase automatically. 

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