Saturday, 16 June 2012

Microworkers Best Micro Work Site For Data Entry Work

  Data entry work is very simple and most easy task. Everyone can do it if he or she has some basic knowledge on MS Office and Internet. When a data entry project posted, lots of people are bid there. That’s why it’s very difficult to find data entry job from Freelance marketplace. Today I will talk about a website where you don’t need to bid on projects for doing data entry work. Just browse jobs and start working. Microworkers is an innovative and International online platform that connects Employers and Workers from all around the world. 

Microworkers is a great site for doing simple task like sign up, click and search, bookmarking, facebook and twitter post, forum posting, comment on blogs, download and install software, article writing etc. All the jobs are very easy and take a few minutes to finish. 

Who can be Employers:

 Anyone can be an Employer in Microworkers. If you own an online business, a blog, need a contest entry or simply need referrals for your favorite programs. Microworkers is definitely the best place to come and complete your tasks easily and comfortably. Thousands of active Workers are waiting to do your job.

Who can be workers:

  Anyone can also be a worker here. There has no charge to become a worker. Also there have no limitations about the volume of your work. You can do as much work as you can. But you should maintain the success rate above 75% all the time. If it falls from 75%, don’t be worried wait for some days, and your success rate will increase again. You can be an employer and a worker as a same time with one account.

Important things you should know:

1.   Don’t open multiple accounts from one IP. If you do that they will delete your all accounts.
2.   Only submit your job after finishing all the terms. You should submit all the proofs with your work as per client’s instructions. Don’t submit your task before you are realizing the task, otherwise you will get “Not satisfied” rating.
3.   Don’t put false information as a proof. If you do that three times, then authority will ban your account.
4.   You can do one task only for one time, but you can do the same types of work again.
5.   You should submit your IP address if your clients want. You can check your IP address from here:
6.   New user will be able to submit 20 tasks a day. Then you should wait for the employers rating.
7.   If you think employers misrated you, then you can open the task details page and click on “Submit a Complain” link to report. Site authority will check it and will take a right decision.
8.   If your success rate became low don’t be upset, wait for some days, then “Not Satisfied” task will slip out from the list and your success rate will increase again.
9.   Before starting work, first read out the website at least for one times.

There are lots of people works here and they are getting their payment regularly. So there has no risk to work in Microworkers.

Click here to sign up in Microworkers.

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