Friday, 31 August 2012

Kontera Another Google Adsense Alternative (Kontera Review)

 In my previous post I have discussed about Infolinks. Now I will talk about another text link advertising program which name is Kontera. Kontera advertising program is similar to Infolinks. They have started their business before Adbrite and Infolinks and still they are running their business properly.

 Kontera ads are placed based on the content of the site. So the ads will be contextually relevant. Normally kontera ads appear with a double underline link. When a visitor moves the cursor towards the text link, a small window opens giving a preview of the ad. Kontera also offers contextually relevant image and video ads. 

Advantages of Kontera: Kontera shares 70% revenue with the publishers. They also provide $50 signing bonus for qualified sites with 25000 US page views per month. They don’t need any specific space of the site like Adsense to show the ads. So we can utilize the space of our website for another advertising network or highlight other important aspects of the site.

Integrating Kontera in text ads on websites and blogs is an easy task. Kontera offers a variety of publisher tools to assure simple integration of the ads and enable publishers to customize the ads to best match their sites. Just place the ads on your site and Kontera will do the rest. There are also plugins for popular blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Payments: Their Payment method is Paypal, Check and Wire Transfer. Minimum payout is $50. Kontera pays on a net-30 scheme basis. Suppose account balance reaches $50 in February, Kontera will send the payments in the first week of April. 

Infolinks vs Kontera: Both of them are same type of advertising program. I think Infolinks is better than kontera. Actually kontera has very low payout than Infolinks. Sometimes they provide completely irrelevant ads. But it has seen that kontera is better for technology related blogs. 

It’s my review about Kontera. Do you have any experience on kontera? Then share it with a comment. 


  1. Hi, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks again for sharing your findings with your readers. We're happy to provide our users with such a positive experience. Check out our blog to keep updated on the latest and greatest from Infolinks!

    Happy blogging :)

  2. Hi Ismail,

    This is Jonathan from Kontera, thanks for the great write up :)

    Regarding the $50 signing Bonus, that's a promotion that has ended.

    Concerning ad relevancy, Kontera actually leads the field on that issue. Rather than relying on keyword lists, like other ad platforms, Kontera can read your page for actual meaning through our Synapse Engine. This form of Topical Targeting allows us to deliver more relevant ads to your content, leading to higher CTR and better CPC.


    - Jonathan