Thursday, 30 August 2012

Infolinks Alternative To Google Adsense (Infolinks Review)

 Google Adsense is a popular pay per click advertising program that helps website owners to earn some extra money by applying Adsense ads to their website. But Google is very strict to his law. If Google deny us then we should think about Adsense alternatives. There are some good advertising programs over internet. Infolinks is one of them. Today I will discuss about the good and bad of Infolinks. 

 Infolinks is one of the leading text advertising programs over internet. They don’t need any particular space of the page to show their ads. So we can utilize the space of our blog or website for another advertising network or highlight other important aspects of the blog. After creating account Infolinks will automatically scan our blog and choose the best keywords of the page. These keywords will highlights as ads tags.

Advantages of Infolinks: We don’t need any high traffic website to work with Infolinks. Their ads can be customized very easily. Normally Infolinks ads highlighted like a normal link. We can customize the link highlighting single under line or double underline. No extra space required for showing ads like Adsense. Just we need to paste the java script code into body section. Their automated system will start generating textual ads based on our keywords. They also introduced a tool called Related Tags. we can increase our income by inserting related tags on our blog.

Disadvantages of Infolinks: Earning from Infolinks is lower than Adsense. Its work very well for USA based traffic. Its payout is very less for other country.

Payments: Generally they share 70:30 ratio of their revenue with publishers. Their Payment method is Paypal, Wire Transfer, ACH, Infolinks Prepaid Mastercard (powered by Payoneer). Minimum payout is $50 for Paypal and Payoneer master card. And for Bank wire and ACH, minimum payout is $100.

Adsense vs Infolinks: We can use Adsense and infolinks together in a same page. But we should not violates their terms and conditions. 


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  3. I haven's experience adsense on my blog yet because they are always disapproving my account. That's why I switched to infolinks, and so far, it's good for me.

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