Monday, 10 September 2012

How to Use Facebook for Free Marketing

 Facebook is a great social networking site. It would be very difficult to find a person who has no Facebook account. Not only the students and teenagers are using Facebook but also adults, professionals and people around the world are engaged in Facebook. More than 900 million people use Facebook and surely soon it will cross 1 billion mark. From this we can easily realize the popularity of Facebook. Facebook is a great place where we can promote our self and our company as well as our services or products. 

Facebook is a huge market for advertising. In my post today I will discuss about only the free advertising of Facebook. We can freely advertise in Facebook by different ways. We can advertise in Facebook by different ways like Profile pages, Groups, Fan Pages, Events, Photos and Videos and so more.

Profile page is the starting point or landing page of a profile. So we should keep net and clean our profile page. Profile page is the page where we can express the passion of our company or products or services properly. Personally I have used my blog address as cover photo in my profile. So every person who will visit my profile must see my blog address. Click here to see my Profile.

Group is a simplest way to build a community. By creating a group we can simply inform our group members about our products and services. They can also make a discussion about our products. Taking part on a discussion they can easily be capable to know the good and bad of our products. We can post about our products in a group and all the member of that group will surely inform about that post. Group posting can be a better place for attracting attention. 

Fan page can be a better solution for marketing. We can encourage users to become a fan of our page. They simply need to like the page. We can make a brief discussion about our company or services in our fan page. The person who liked or didn’t like our page both of them can see the post of our page. So by this way we can get a lot of visitor and customer for our company. Nowadays most of the multinational companies want to have a fan page because of the convenient way of marketing. Fan page can increases the popularity of our company. Click here to see my Fan Page.

Facebook events is another way to connect with our targeted audience. When we create an event it will be a fully featured page and user will get a special notification for every post of the page. We can invite our friends to the event and even our friends and also their friends will be capable to invite their friends. So Facebook events is a nice way to gather community. 

We can also upload photos, videos and share link with our friends. We can tag our friends in a photo and thus we can inform our friends about our services. 

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