Saturday, 19 May 2012

Earn Money Using Facebook

  I have seen it several times in facebook. It’s a funny picture. Many people like it and also share it. They think it’s right, facebook wastage our time. But I don’t think so. I think and also believed that it is possible to earn a lot of money only using facebook. Today I will talk about that.
Facebook is a great market where you can promote yourself and your company or your products.

  Facebook is a huge market for advertising. More than 750 million people use facebook. So can you imagine what kind of market it is? You can advertise your products here and gets a lot of clients. I am not telling you that you should make an ad and pay money for that ad. I am telling you that you can advertise your products on your profile. Lots of people who are your friends will see that. From here you can get your desired customers. You can increase your advertising space by increasing your friend list.

  There are lots of works on freelancing market place about facebook. Some clients want facebook account with high friend list. Sometimes they specify USA based friend list account. If you have such kind of account then you can sell your account to them. The income is depends on how much friend you have.  

Some clients want a particular number of likes for their business page. You can collect likes for them and earn money by doing this. Sometimes they refer likes only for USA member. So try to make as much friend as you can. Don’t do that for your personal account. Create a separate account for doing this kind of business. 

Sometimes many clients want to create a good fan page for them. They also hire people for maintaining their page. Sometimes clients offer facebook voting system. You can earn money collecting votes for them.

Facebook is a great place for Affiliate marketing. You can publish your affiliate link in facebook. You can also do amazon affiliate marketing here. 

You can sell your products using facebook. You can advertise your products on your profile. People can easily be informed about your products from your profile. Thus you can increase your selling using facebook. 

You can develop applications for facebook. But you should have some programming skill for doing that. You can earn a lot of money developing applications for facebook.  

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