Saturday, 20 October 2012

Chitika Another Google Adsense Alternative (Chitika Review)

In my previous post I have discussed about some good Google Adsense alternatives. Today I will discuss about another great Google Adsense alternative which name is Chitika. 

Chitika is an online ad network and data analytics firm. It has started their business in 2003 and their office is situated in U.S and India. Mainly Chitika offers search-targeted advertising solutions. Chitika allows you to display ads on your website, blog, app or mobile site, with content from their high-quality network of advertisers. Chitika offers search-targeted, mobile, and local ads to best target your users.

Advantages of Chitika: 

It is very easier to get accepted from Chitika. Starting with chitika is very easy and all the countries are accepted, and there has no restrictions as the minimum impressions of the site. Their terms and condition is not so strict like Adsense. Once you have approved an account from chitika, then you can put ads as much site as you can without further approval. 

Minimum payout is only $10. It is quite attractive where Adsense’s minimum payout is $100. They quickly release the payment. Chitika support is fairly good and so fast. The usual response time from Chitika is within 24 hours. 

Their referral program is quite impressive where most of the competitors not. You will earn 10% of the CPC revenue that your referrals earn for up to 15 months from their approval date. 

Chitika is very good for many websites where Adsense results are poor. Adsense shows content relevant ads where Chitika shows search related ads. Chitika can show relevant ads for a site with very few text and lot of video content. 

Disadvantages of Chitika:

Earning from Chitika is very lower than Adsense. Its work very well for USA, Canada and Europe based traffic. So if you have visitors from the rest of the world, it’s pretty much useless.

Chitika ads are search targeted, not contextual. So for direct users who will come without using search engine, ads may not show up.


Paypal and Cheque are their payment method. Minimum payout is $10 for Paypal and $50 for Cheque. Their payment is based on “Net-30” basis. Suppose account balance reaches $50 in March, Chitika will send the payments in the first week of May. 

Adsense vs Chitika:

Chitika is well, but Adsense is much better than Chitika. No doubt that, if you want to earn more money your ultimate choice will be Adsense.


  1. nice..thanks for sharing..big help for my website

  2. thanks for sharing..big help for my website

  3. Chitika is one of the powerful adsense alternate people is going to left Chitika due to they want money in sort time. Please make sure 2 thing before using this.
    (1) You have space for text ads.
    (2) Good SEO Work at least 1000 Visitor per day.
    If you have given two think no one can stop you to make money from Chitika. People stop blogging due to they are not getting response. I want to tell you I have started blogging 9 Month back with my blog
    I used so many adsense but all was in vain. From the last 3 Months I am only doing SEO and Getting 250+ Visitor and per day 1$ too. SO be happy do strong SEO WORK.