Monday, 26 March 2012

How to Increase Adsense Income

  If you want to earn money from your blog or website, No doubt that Google Adsense will be your ultimate first choice. Google Adsense is a great PPC advertising program. Adsense is most profitable among all of PPC advertising program.
Here I will discuss some simple and effective Adsense tips that will help you to increase your income.

Choose the Right Keywords:  Remember that your keywords will bring visitor for your site. Your keywords should be more popular and have less competitors. If you really want to make huge money from Adsense, then always choose the high paying keywords.

Increase Traffic: Try to increase your traffic. Your traffic will provide you much visitor. The probability of clicking on your ad will increase when you have much visitor. There are different ways to increase your traffic. Click here to know about how to get more visitor and traffic.

Use Google Search Box: For earning more you can attach Google search box to your website. After searching from your search box if anyone clicks any ad then you will get paid. Google search box can contain an extra money for you.

Ad Formats: Try different ad formats for your webpage. Adsense offers different ad sizes for publishers. You should be realizing what format you should paste in your webpage. You should choose different ad format for different part of your page. You can select (336 x 280) size for the main part of your site, because this ad format offer 4 ads at a time and they are closely related to your content.
Ad Placement: I told you that select different ad format, and you should select them with based on your webpage. Ad placement plays a vital role. You should paste the large format below the banner of your site. Then you can select upper right side, left side and the bottom of your page. You should be realizing the main part of your page and paste your ad to there. It will attract your visitor to clicks on ad. 

Update Webpage Regularly: It is very necessary to update your site regularly. If you do that Googlebot will give importance to you. It will increase your traffic and provide you more visitors. You will get more response from your visitor if your visitor gets new information every day. 

Use More Site for Ad Posting: It is difficult to earn a lot from one site if you have less traffic. So you just need to use more sites for ad posting. You can post your ad in your all site with a single Adsense account. So use as much site you has for ad posting. 

Hope this article will help you. Have a good earning. 

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