Thursday, 5 January 2012

How To Get More Visitor For Your Site Or Blog

  Why we make a website or what is the goal of our website making? It is quite simple, we want to provide information to visitors. And visitor is the main goal of our site. Every webmaster has a goal and this is getting more visitors. Getting much visitor is also very necessary to earn a lot. 

You can get much visitor with two ways. Advertising your site in high PR site and you should pay money for that advertising. But in my post here I will discuss about the 2nd process, how you will get much visitor without paying anything.  

Select a Topic: It is very necessary to choose a right topic for your website. Try to choose that topic whose has much interest to people. You should have a particular idea about your topic. Post that content or information that is more useful and helpful. Always give preferences to visitor interest. 

Comment in other Related Blog: For getting more visitors you should expand your URL. Blog commenting is a nice way of getting more visitor. You can comment on other blog and paste your link there. Always try to make a comment to those blog which is related to your site. Don’t spamming to other blogs. Make sure your comment is adding a value to the discussion. 

Become active in Forums: You can be active in forums. There are lots of topics in forums. You can browse them and take part on discussions. Use your website link as your signature. Thus when you comment in a post each time your signature will appear there. From this you will get visitor for your website. 

Using Social networking site: Social networking site is a gift of modern internet. Social networking site like facebook, twitter, hi5, Myspace etc. helps people to increase or expand their businesses. Social networking site is a huge market where people easily and freely can advertise their product. Suppose I have 2000 friends in my facebook account. I wrote a post in my wall “Please visit my site, here the link is:”. Then from 2000 friends at least 200 friends will visit my site. After every posting we can inform that in my wall. Thus we can get more visitors for our site. 

We can tell everybody to visit our site and paste the link when we do chatting with people. We can paste our website link in our profile. Each time when a person will see my profile at that time he will see my website address. Thus we can get visitor. Only from social networking site it is possible to get 1000 visitors a day. We can be active in different social networking sites for collecting more visitors.  

Keep Blogging: Don’t take a huge break on blogging. Try to post at least one or two article a weak. The more content of your site increases the probability to get more visitors. Blog readers always love more and fresh content. So keep blogging for your visitors. 

Others: You can offer quiz program to get much visitor. You can also launch voting system to interact of your visitor. You can use your website link as your signature in Email. Each time when you will mail anybody your link will send with your mail.

I hope this article will help you to get much visitor. Thanks a lot for reading my article.

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