Sunday, 22 January 2012

Online Marketing: You Must Know To Do Better In Online Earning

 Today I will talk about Online Marketing. Online marketing is becoming more popular to everybody. Here I am writing about how to do online marketing.

 Online Marketing can be a most powerful subject for a person who wants to earn online. It will increase ones income gradually. The person who can do this carefully can do better in online income. If you want to sell your products or services over online, you must know about online marketing. If you want more visitors for your site, you must need to know about online marketing. You can do this to promote yourself as well as promote your products as well as increase your website traffic as well as increase your earnings. If you want to become a freelancer, it will help you to find your jobs.

There are some differences between Online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Basically SEO is doing to make a website important and friendly to search Engines. For doing online marketing SEO is also needed. Actually SEO is a part of Online marketing. I have discussed about SEO in Search Engine Optimization section. Click here to read about SEO.

I have posted some popular way of Online marketing.

E-mail Marketing: You can inform everybody about your products or website through email. You can make your website address as your signature in email. Thus when you send a mail there will appear your website address. You don’t need to write your website address every time.

Social Networking: It’s a great place to promote your products, Services, website or Blog. It’s a huge market. Different kinds of people get together and share their feelings, thought and experience here. You can expand your network here. You can explain your products details here. You can make an event or page about your services. Thus you can get much customer. Also you will be able to get more traffic by posting your website address here.

I have listed some popular social networking site here. From this site you will be able to reach your desired customers easily. If you want more visitor or customer I recommend you to work in different kinds of social networking site. You can search in google for networking site. The site I have listed here, I think it will cover your 70% marketing. Here the sites:
·         Facebook.
·         Twitter.
·         Google+.
·         Linked In.
·         You Tube.
·         Hi5.
·         My space.
·         Digg.
·         Delicious.
·         Yelp.
·         People String.

You just need to open an account to work with these sites. Go to these sites and create your personal account.

Group Posting: You have option to make groups in those sites. I suggest you to make a group with the name of your website. You may try Yahoo groups or Google groups also. Now-a-days it is becoming very popular to use yahoo or google groups.

Forum Posting: There are lots of forum all over the internet. In the forum there are lots of topics. You can choose one of them and make a comment. Remember that you must use your website address as your signature here. You can also comment that “If you want to learn more about that go to my website” and then you post your website address.

Review and Article Submitting: Article submitting is a great way of online marketing. You can write an article about your product or website and post it to article submitting site. Thus you can expand yourself. I have listed some article submitting site here,
Articlebase, Hubpages, Triond, Factoidz, Bukisa, Helium, Xomba etc.

Directory Submission: There are lots of directory site. You should submit your website there for getting much visitor. From there you will get backlinks also.

Search Engine Optimization: You must know SEO for online marketing. Only Search Engine Optimization can make your own success story.

Blog Posting: You can visit blog site and comment with your website address. Remember that you should choose that blog which is relevant to your topic.

I hope this article will help you to do online marketing properly. 

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