Sunday, 1 January 2012

How To Increase Google Ranking

  Everyone wants to increase his Google rankings. But how is it possible. In my post today I will discuss about how to improve your Google Ranking. There are lots of factor that Google takes into account to show search results. We should follow that rules to improve our website ranking.

1. Submit your site to major directories: You should submit your site to major directories as much as you can. It will help you by two ways. 1st you will get backlinks from that directory and 2nd, people will find your site easily from directory site. Submit your site to the relevant category of the directory site. I have listed some directory site here. You can use them, 

2. Use descriptive page structure: It is very necessary to use well defined page structure. Well defined Title tag and meta tag will help search engines to identify your site content. Search engine will easily realize what’s on the page. 

3. Use a site map: Create your site map and submit it to Google. Site map can be easily made using XML script. Otherwise you can use several sitemap builders over internet. If you use site map Google will response your site easily and within short time. 

4. Research your keywords: You should study about your keywords. Remember that, your keywords will contain visitor to your site. So try to use those keywords whose have less competitors and people search more. You can try Google adwords to choose the right keywords.   

5. Provide unique content: It is very necessary to provide unique content. Google always check your content is it unique or not. If unique then, Google will give you better rank otherwise you will get less rank. 
6. Backlinks: Backlinks is also very necessary to Google. Google always gives priority to those websites who have lot of backlinks. The number of backlinks indicates a website’s popularity. Backlinks increases the importance of a site.

The factor I have listed here is very essential to increase Google Ranking. Hope it will help you to improve your Google Rankings. 

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