Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Some Important Tips You Must Know Before Starting Freelancing

  Freelancing is a great occupation. Anybody can do it. In my post today I will discuss about how to start your freelancing job.

1.  To get the first job its can take several times. So it is very necessary to be patience and continuing bid on freelance market place. 

2.  Try to bid the lowest price for your first work. The lowest price will increase the chance of getting the work. 

3.  If possible do the work before bidding the work and show it to the client. If client likes the work, In that case you can be sure that you are going to get the job.

4.  Don’t bid any work before understanding the job. If your concepts remain unclear about the work, then ask it to clients and clear your concepts. But don’t think that you will realize it after getting the job. 

5.  There are different types of work on internet. So try to make your skill strong in a specific field before bidding. 

6.  You must have proficiency in English. At least you must have ability to communicate with clients. 

7.  Take the full information about the work asking the clients before starting the job. If you ask relevant questions then client will be happy to knowing your interest about the work. 

8.  Divide your project into different step and show it to byer after completing each step. 

9.  Don’t miss the deadline. Try to complete the project before deadline and submit it to the client.

10.  Don’t show any faulty if you miss the deadline. If you think you have possibilities to miss the deadline tell it to your client and take some extra time before starting the work. 

11.  Before submitting the work checks the client requirements and make sure that your work is correct. 

12.   Always try to get the highest rating after completing the work. It will help you to get another job easily. 

13.   Complete your work properly, submit it in due time and keep regular contacts with your clients to get the highest rating. 

14.  Honesty is the best policy. Be honest from your sight. Don’t provide any wrong information to clients.

I hope these tips will help you to get your job easily.

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