Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Earn Money From File Sharing Websites

  File sharing is one of the easiest ways of online earning. Anyone can do it if he or she has good internet connection. If you have some files that you want to share with others, and you know that a lot of people will download it, then you can make money with this ways.

The concept is very simple, you will upload files to file sharing site, people will download those file and you will get paid for that download. You can withdraw money by Paypal, Alertpay and Webmoney system. 

How much money can earn: How much money you will earn is depends on the file size and from where it is being downloaded. All website pay most for the bigger file size and for the developed countries like USA, Canada, UK etc. Each site has a category based on country and file size. You can simply check how much money they pay from their website. Suppose, Share cash pays the highest rate up to $600 for per 1000 download.
What file can upload: You can upload all kinds of file like photos, wallpapers, games, videos, songs, movies, documents, software, ebooks etc. But you should upload those file that people has interest most. Because you get money for each download, so as much as your file will download as much as you will earn. 

Remember don’t break the copy right law. Most of the site prohibited adult content. So don’t upload any sexual videos and obscene file or any file that violates copy right law. Please check terms and conditions of the site at least once before starting work.

Where to upload file: Make money from uploading files is so easy but you should select the right website for your uploading business. In internet there are lots of file sharing website. But all of them are not free and don’t pay money for download. So we should select that website that pays money for download.

I will explain some good file sharing site in my next post. Hope to see you. 

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  2. I would recommand the one of the best websites that you forgot to post here it is pay per download network.
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