Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tips On How To Increase Income From File Sharing Website

  In my previous post I have discussed about how to earn money from file sharing website. Actually it is very difficult to earn a lot of money from file sharing website if you are not so dedicated to your work. You can increase your earning working with a team. Today I will discuss about how to increase your income from file sharing website.

  Open account on different file sharing websites. Don’t rely on one site. Most of the file sharing site has restriction on parallel download. Parallel download means you cannot download 2 files in same times. You may be waiting for some time or one day to download another file.

  You should upload those file that has much interest to people. You should always give priority to the people of USA, Canada and UK. Because most of the site pays most for download from these countries. 

  Expand your link as much as you can. You can use your website or blog for link posting. You should share your link in different high page rank forums for earning more. It’s very important to use more forums for expanding links. From forums you will get lots of download. 

  Share your link in different social networking sites like facebook and twitter. You can use fan page or groups for advertising more. After uploading your file share the link in your profile, fan page and groups. Do that for each file.

  Create a website or blog to make double income. If you don’t have capacity to maintain a website, simply make a blog on Blogger. Post your file link in your blog. From here you will get some visitor who will download your file. Thus from your blog you will earn in two ways. The first one is for each download, and the second option is, earn money applying Google Adsense.   

  Don’t take break uploading files. You should upload files regularly to increase your income. If users see that you uploads new file regularly, they may come to your site again to download new files constantly.

  You can use to earn twice. is a link shortens service. You can shrink your file link with You will pay $4 for 1000 views of that link. When any one clicks on your link they will see an ad. After 5 seconds they can skip the ad and enter your link. From here you can also get some money.  Click here to sign up on

Following these tips you can increase your income. Remember you should do hard work for earning more.

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