Thursday, 26 July 2012

Adbrite Alternative To Google Adsense (Adbrite Review)

 Google Adsense is the highest paying advertising program over internet. There has no advertising program that pay like Adsense. But what will we do if Google banned us. Don’t worry, there are so many option that we can use as an Adsense alternative. Adbrite is one of them. Adbrite is one of the most trusted and best alternatives for small sites. Due to its large ad varieties and minimum payout it has become a well known advertising network. 

Advantages of Adbrite:

There are some great reasons to work with Adbrite. The acceptation procedure of Adbrite is super fast. Even they have no minimum requirements for acceptation. You will see that many advertising program want high traffic and well established site. But Adbrite will accept you instantly and code will provided after doing the registration process.

The navigation system of the website is so friendly like Adsense. There has no complexity to use the site. You can control your ads by selecting which ads you want to display and which not. Their terms and condition is not so hard like Adsense. 

They provide different types of ad formats like Banner ads, Text ads, Full page ads and Inline ads. Text ads works with CPC basis or every click received on the ads. They paid CPM or CPC basis for Banner ads. CPM means Cost Per Thousands Impressions. Full page ads are paid on CPV or Cost Per View basis.


They share 75% of the revenue with the publishers that are so favorable. Their minimum payout is $50. Adbrite issues payments in US dollars and you should wait for 60 days. Suppose earnings you generated in March 2012 will get paid out in June 2012. AdBrite offers payments by check only.

Adsense vs Adbrite:

The question can come to your mind that which one you will use. The answer is Adsense. We will use Adbrite in the absence of Adsense only. Because, Adsense pays most than Adbrite.

Adbrite is completely free to join. Click here for starting work with Adbrite.  


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  3. There are many alternatives to Adbrite. personally i do like cost per view network because minimum is only 5$ and they pay daily and ecpm is better then adbrite.