Monday, 26 November 2012

How to Build A Successful Blog

Creating a blog is very easy and you can do it within a minute. But creating a successful blog is not so easy. You need to do a lot of things to make your blog successful. Today I will talk about how you will make a successful blog. Thousands of new blogs launched every day, but most of them don’t get enough visitor. To make your blog popular you have to follow some simple steps. Here are the tips,  

Make a plan: You cannot do anything successfully without having a good plan. First think why you want to do blogging. If you want to take blogging as a part time job, then it will very difficult to get some financial benefit from it. Your hard work and patients on blogging will leads you towards success. Select a topic that you know most and people has interest on that topic. You should select that topic which has high demand but fewer competitors.

Choose a right Domain name: Domain name selection is very important. Your domain name should be your topic related. Using keywords as your domain name will help you to optimize your site easily. People will easily find your blog by searching your keywords. Try to get a Top Level Domain (ex. “.com”, “.net”, “.edu”, “.org”). After getting domain name you have to select a reliable hosting. Try to take an international hosting. You should select your hosting company with minimum loading time. Then select a good blogging platform. Wordpress is best for blogging. Blogger is also best and it is free. In wordpress and blogger there are lots of opportunity, you don’t need to worry about your design and coding, just select a theme and publish your content.  

Post useful content on a regular basis: It is so important. Your topic is good, domain and hosting is also very good but you have lower quality article. Then people will not read your blog and will not come again. Search engines always search fresh, unique and useful content. So if you want to get high rank on search results and more targeted traffic, then you must provide unique and informative content in a regular basis. Quantity is also important, but quality first. More content increases the chances to hold your visitors for more times to your blogs. More visitor means more traffic and more traffic will make your blog successful.

Spread your blog to internet: You have a very good blog and nice content, but you don’t get any visitor. Then your content will be useless. The main purpose of your blog will be diverted. So you need visitors to successfully run your blog. Spread your blog URL over internet by doing SEO. Social networking site can be a great source of visitors. Share your blog URL in facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, myspace etc. You can also do social bookmarking, forum posting, directory submission, link building by commenting on other blogs and submitting article on article directories. Click here to know about link building. You have to learn some basic terms of SEO to successfully run your blog. Click here for most important factor of SEO.

Response to your readers: Readers are the soul of a blog. So try to attract your readers to your blog by providing the real information. Put a comment section after your blog post that’s why readers will be able to ask any question and participate on discussions. Always take care of your readers by answering their questions and reply to their comments as simply as you can.

Love your work: If you don’t like blogging then you will not find any enjoyment in your work. So love your work then you will enjoy your work. Remember there’s no shortcut to success. Ignore shortcut way otherwise you will not exist for a long term. Lazy man never gets any success. You will get success when you will put affection and effort on your work.

Some other terms: You should do some other things. Add facebook like and share button, tweet button, g+ button to your blog that’s why people will easily share your blog post with their friends.  

Make a good design of your blog. Choose your colors and themes wisely. You can add images or videos if you want to describe your content more conveniently.  

Organize your blog on category based. Make your site navigation as simple as possible that’s why people will find his desired information easily. Search box, widget for recent posts, widget for most popular post, widget for related post, email and RSS subscription box, social media buttons will increase your blogs visibility. 

If you can do the above things properly, hope you will find your success. Thanks for reading my blog.  


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