Monday, 19 November 2012

Some Essential Link Building Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blogs (Part: 1)

Link building is an important factor of Search Engine Optimization. Link building is considered as a trump card for higher rankings. Link building is a process of generating and improving both the quality and quantity of the traffic of your site. The aim of link building is to improve its ranking and make the site valuable to search engines. Backlink is the main weapon to increase the page rank of a site. Lots of backlink will increase your probability to getting more visitors. In my post today I will discuss about some essential link building strategy. 

What should you consider before creating backlink?

Before starting your work to create backlink you have to know some things. 
Study about your competitors link, how they reach to the first page of the search result. From where they getting backlinks, what is the weakness of their blog, find out them and take necessary steps about your blog. 

You should focus on high-quality link, not quantity. You will find lots of services in internet that will provide you thousands of backlink in a single minute. Don’t do that, it’s totally a spamming. Also Google don’t support that. Google likes natural link building. 

Be aware about your content. Your blog or site should be rich with quality content. Nobody wants to read poor content; you should consider people’s interest. Suppose a person comes to your site and find quality information, then he will come again. He will also refer visitor to your site. You will not get high rank in search engines like Google with low quality content. Content is the king of a site. So be patients and make highly informative content.

If you have done the above things perfectly now you are able to start link building.

Here I have discussed about some major link building ways,

Submit your site to major directories: Directory submission can be a great source of creating backlink. Directory submission can be paid or free, but it should be dofollow. Try to choose high PR directories to submit your site. Backlink from high PR site will increase your rankings. Lots of directories are available in internet where you can freely submit your link.  

Submit your site to Social Bookmarking site: Social bookmarking are always in the top position to webmasters for creating backlink. Social bookmarking site is very effective to acquire good ranking. There are lots of social bookmarking site in internet where you can submit your link. 

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