Tuesday, 27 December 2011

How To Create Backlinks For SEO

  Backlink creating is an important factor of SEO. Backlink is a part of “Off page SEO”. Search engine always give priority to those websites who have lot of backlinks. We can create backlinks with different ways. Here I will discuss some of them. 

Before creating backlinks we should know about the DoFollow or NoFollow website. We will post our link only on DoFollow sites. 

Blog Commenting: Blog commenting is a good way to create backlinks. In our daily web browsing, we visit different blog sites. We can comment and paste our website link there. It is so easy to comment and paste link. There is a comment form, type your name, E-mail ID, Website link and at last make a comment in comment box. After submitting your comment you will see a backlink backend of your name. Here I am showing you a comment with the help of an image. 

Link Exchange: link exchange is a great factor of SEO. Google always likes link exchange strategy. We can exchange our link with our friends or a webmaster to create backlinks. 

Social Bookmarking: We can bookmark our site on social bookmarking sites and create backlinks. It is very effective. Some social bookmarking site is: Digg, Delicious, Mixx etc. 

Social Networking: We can create backlinks using social networking site.  Facebook and twitter is nofollow. So we cannot get backlink from Facebook and Twitter. But we can get much visitor from that site. We can also use that kind of social networking site which is Dofollow. 

Forum Posting: Forum posting is another way to create backlinks. We can use our website name as our signature. Thus when I will comment any post my site will appear there. We can also get some visitor from forum posting which is very essential for SEO.

Web Directory Submission: We can create backlinks submitting our site on directories. We should select the right category of that directory site for my Blog or website. Directory submission can be paid or free, but it should be Dofollow.

Article Submitting: We can write a short review of my site and submit it on article submission site. We can also create backlink by attaching my website link on that review.

Always try to post your site in High PR site. I hope this article will help you to get some quality backlinks. Don’t forget to comment if you like this post.

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