Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Earn Money By Writing Article

Article writing is a very nice way to earn money from internet. Do you like to write? If you have passion for writing, then you have good chances of earning money writing articles. You can write articles about any subject. But you have to be careful about the spelling and grammatical error. You need to make sure that your articles are easy and interesting to read. The content of your article is also very important. Your article has to be informative too. It is not mandatory, but if your article contains much information then the value of your article will become higher. 

By Writing Articles you can earn money by three different ways.
  1. Writing article for your blog or website.
  2. Submitting article to different revenue sharing website.
  3. Become a freelance writer. 

1. You can make your blog or website and publish your article here. Then you can put Adsense ad in your site and earn money from there.

2. There are different Article Submission websites. They share their Adsense revenue for writing articles on their site. People who try to submit articles and discover all the benefits of doing so never quit. They continue to submit articles and continue to get the benefits. Submitting articles is the most simple and enjoyable way of earning money. You can do it by registering the article submission website. I have explained it down,
  1. Go to the sites I have listed here. Choose five to six sites from the list below and sign up for your free account.
  2. Read the terms and conditions of the sites carefully. Try to take a good understanding about the site. Don’t forget to read the payment option of that site.  
  3. Decide the subjects on which you want to write articles. Try to write at least one article per day.
  4. Then write your article carefully. Try to avoid grammatical and spelling mistake. You can make your article valuable by putting necessary information. You can also use images relevant to your content. Try to follow the following rules,
To earn more money the articles should have a attractive heading. Your heading is the first part of the article that people will read. Probably your heading is only the part if it is shown in search engine results. The heading should be bright and interesting.

Body of the article:
The body of article interprets what is promised in heading. Here it is possible to expand that you promised in heading. Articles must not give too much information in the body, only what is necessary to explain the sense of the article.

Article writing is a great way to earn money online and you can make a decent living at the same time working any hours you want. It is not require any special skill. Just you have to ability to write something. Your article can be about any topic or any subject.
Article writing can be highly profitable when utilized the right way. It is a great opportunity for website owners to increase his website traffic. It isn't uncommon to hear that many successful Internet businesses and even blogs use article writing and article marketing to generate traffic and subsequently valuable sales through article writing and article submission.
Writing and submitting articles is rather easy. It does not require a lot of money, time or effort from you. You could actually enjoy the process of writing and submitting articles and make your online business grow at the same time.

Necessary Sites:
Hubpages: Hubpages is simple to use with excellent user interface and indeed it is very user-friendly. This site is very easy to navigate, has clear instructions and easy to sign up. It's easy to get around the site and it loads fast. Hubpages provides a lot of useful tools that helps to make Hubs. In Hubpages, an article page is known as a "Hub". The person who creates a hub called “Hubber”.  It is very easy to use photos and useful links with the article. Hubpages share 60% ad revenue. Anyone can use Google adsense or eBay or amazon program for earning money. There is a forum in Hubpages too.

Triond: Triond has a very simple, yet handy and useful website layout. It’s a great website for beginners. Triond has many nice features. Compared to other writing sites, Triond has an easier publishing approach. Triond has a lot of categories to write article. Triond share 50% ad revenue with writer generated by his content. Triond is a great way to build a personal online business with no fees. Just you need to invest your time and talents to make the internet a more interesting place and you will see the money will start to flow.
Triond has referral program, but it will start after your 1st payment.
Payment Method: Paypal, Check, Western Union.

Factoidz: Factoidz accepts articles not less than 400 words. Factoidz is good for new writers. They pay writers 50% of the revenue earned through the submitted articles. Writers can also include their Google Adsense account to increase their earnings on Factoidz. Factoidz has much amount of traffic.

Articles submitted to Factoidz have to be original and not submitted to other content websites. You can use a trick. You can publish your Factoidz articles after three days that they have been approved and published by Factoidz.
The minimum payout is $1.
Payment Method: Paypal.

Helium: is a site where you're paid to write articles. They ask writers to come and submit articles. Anyone can write for Helium, there is no application process, no filtering system, you just write something (whether good or bad) and submit it into the Helium system. Writers can submit articles, poetry, recipes, or even their point of view on a wide variety of topics.
Helium is not just a place for revenue sharing. It's a place to sharpen your skills against other writers.  You can take part in contests, or you can compete to sell your articles to publishers in the Marketplace.
The minimum payout is $25.
Payment Method: Paypal.

Xomba: Xomba uses a standard Blogger style user interface which is clean and easy to work with. Xomba  pays writers with Google Adsense and they share 50/50 of the revenue earned. Xomba has modified its publishing policies and now accepts only unique articles and the minimum word count is 200 and the social bookmarks word is 100.

Bukisa: Bukisa allows writers to publish informational articles of at least 250 words. The site has content on a wide variety of subjects. The Bukisa referral program is fantastic. Anyone can earn a lot of money by referring people to this site.
The minimum payout is $10.
Payment Method: Paypal. 

 3. In freelance market place there are lots of works about writing article. A Freelancer can bit on that work and do that. But the rate is not so high. Sometimes it can be contain higher rate. But your article should be unique. Sometimes buyer will provide you article and tell you to read the article and write it in your own word.
You can see Odesk, Freelancer, vworker site for this kind of work.

If you face problem to write new article, don’t be worry, in internet there are lots of article, you can read them and write it with your own language. But don’t do copy paste. You can take knowledge from different kinds of article submitting website and Blogsite. 

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