Friday, 16 December 2011

Earn Money Easily Doing Data Entry Work

 Online data entry jobs involve processing data and entering it onto a document or other file, ready for easy access. Businesses need to process an enormous amount of information. Data entry operator input this data efficiently and accurately into a computer.

Data are raw, unorganized facts. Data may be digits or alphabetic letters. Things like customer information, medical records, membership lists, mailing lists, surveys, sweepstakes, drawings, coupons, rebates, warranties, newsletters and Captcha are common examples of data entry. On the world several types of data entry jobs are available. But, most common data entry job is Captcha. It means, you just need to type the image you are viewing. But there is low payment for Captcha work.

This occupation is currently considered the best home based online job. It is because it is flexible and very lucrative. Finding an online data entry job that will allow you to work from home is quite a very challenging task. If you perform a search for “data entry online” in search engine like Google you will no doubt be appeared in thousands of risky scam sites. They will tell that you can earn thousands of dollars in just a few minutes, simply by pressing a few buttons for 5 minutes on your keyboard. The real truth is that with most paid online jobs, they are really well hidden away on the Internet, and unfortunately the dodgy sites always seem to find their way to the top in the search engines.

Data Entry is going to be an interesting job now a days. It doesn't involve much effort or brain work, and anyone can do the work easily. Data entry jobs aren't extremely well paid, you can usually earn around $1 or $6 per hour minimum. The rate will usually depend on the company.  Even they may pay you in a project basis. It’s completely depends on the types of work.

Skills Needed:

Generally, employers hire those who are reliable and who meet their requirements for the work. For data entry works you will be needs some basic skills on computer, typing skills, internet connection with your computer etc. Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical skills are also important for doing data entry job. You also need to maintain the minimum success rate. The ability to be self-organized and meet schedules also needed for work at home. You should have some basic knowledge in MS Office to do better in this field.

Where to find data Entry Work:

It is quite impossible to find real data entry job due to the amount of scams and dodgy sites available on internet. You can check local job sites and newspapers for data entry work. It is reliable and trusty from newspaper. Many organizations and company want data entry operator by newspaper.

If you want to work online, it is possible to find some great data entry work in internet. I have listed some Data Entry Job site here. Here you will find data entry work. You may choose any of them.

All these are freelancing site. There is a bidding system (except Microworkers). You must bid for a work. You must have some special skills and experience to get work from freelancing website. You must need to create a complete Portfolio. You may also apply some forum for data entry work.

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