Thursday, 15 December 2011

Learn SEO And Earn Money Online

Is there any person who browse internet but don’t use search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. everybody use search engine to find any kind of information. An user type some keywords or a phrase in the search bar. Then search engine show the results that is highly relevant to the keywords. Most of the time we use the first page to get our information. Usually we don’t go to the second page or third page. So the first ten results is very important. Actually search engine optimization is doing to take a website into the first page based on some specific keywords.  

Every search engine use some algorithm to show the results. They use their algorithm to determine a websites ranking. Search engine optimization is doing based on that algorithm. This algorithm checks some things like: what are the people saying about this website, Are there any important websites linking back to this website, Is the content on this website valuable and unique, Is this website shared on social media platforms like twitter and facebook and Google+, How long do people stay on this website, the age of the website etc. 

We can earn a lot of money doing search engine optimization. Learning SEO we can earn money by two ways, doing SEO for my own website and the second one is doing SEO for a buyer website. 

By doing SEO of my own website we can get huge amount of visitor. We can sell our products to the visitor or get traffic from the visitor. By increasing traffic we can earn a lot of money using Google Adsense. 

We can earn a lot doing freelance work on SEO. In freelance market place like Odesk, Vworker, Freelancer etc, there are lots of works on SEO. We can bit that site and earn by finishing the work. 

In internet there are lots of tutorial about SEO. We can collect them and learn SEO. SEO work is not a difficult work. Everyone can do it by taking some necessary knowledge. You will get much tutorial about SEO in my blog. You can follow my blog to learn SEO. Here I will regularly discuss about SEO. You may also try Youtube to learn search engine optimization.

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