Monday, 26 December 2011

Most Important Factor Of SEO You Should Know

There are lots of factors that search engines take into consideration to rank a website for their results. Today I will talk about some of that factor. We should know about them for doing SEO on a right way. 

Here the Most Important Factor of SEO. 

Most Important Factor of SEO:

1.   Domain Name.
2.   Backlink.
3.   Keyword.
4.   Unique Content.
5.   Visitor.
6.   Loading Speed of Site.
7.   Hosting.
8.   Others.

Domain Name: Domain name contains a great importance for SEO. That’s why I put it at no. 1 position.  A good domain name contains a good percentage of the results. Most of the webmaster agreed that this amount is varying 20-25%. A good domain name reduces a webmasters optimizing efforts. Suppose we want to search in Google with “Earn Money Online” keywords. Then most of the results will show about earnmoneyonline, earnmoney, earnonline, moneyonline related domain names. So a domain name places a vital role for doing SEO. 

Backlink: I listed it at no. 2nd position. Because, backlink is must essential for doing SEO. Google always count backlinks of a site for giving priority in search results. As much backlinks you have as much importance you will get from Search Engines like Google. The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or the importance of a website. So it is very necessary to acquire good number of quality backlinks

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Keyword: You should select the right keywords for your website. Remember that your keywords will bring visitor for your site. When we search in Google, we write some keywords in search box and Google show the results relevant to that keywords. So keyword is the main capital of our site. We should select some keywords that have less competitors. We also give preference on good quality keywords. We should use Meta tag for our keywords.  

Unique Content: Content is the main capital of a site. Why we visit a site, we visit a site for the content of that site, and we collect our desired information from that content. So the content should be informative and unique. Otherwise visitor will not browse that site. If visitor will not come then search engine will not give importance to that site.
Visitor: Your site should have some visitor. Search Engines always give preference to the visitor of your site. They give importance in regular visitor. Suppose one day 1000 visitor, and another day 200 visitor. It’s not good. Your site should contain an average number of visitors each day for good SEO. 

Loading Speed of Site: It is also important. Try to avoid much volume of your site content. Google give preference on how speedy the site is loaded. Google also published that they put importance on loading speed of a site on his recent analytical report. 

Hosting: Next step is hosting. Select a good server for your website. Sometimes we host our website in a low quality server for saving money. You should avoid this and select a high speed renowned server. If we use good server then our site will load quickly and search engine will provide importance to us. 

Others: Except these six factors there are also some factors that also need for good SEO. Age of Domain, internal link structure, sitemap, website submission to search engines, URL structure, keyword density etc. are also important for SEO. 

I hope this article will help you to understand SEO. Next time I will try to discuss about some tips on SEO. 

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